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My Path to Healing

October 4th, 2014 | by Pamela Simon | Comments Off on My Path to Healing

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I’m sure you’re familiar with the saying “The greatest wealth is health” by Virgil, an ancient Roman poet. I couldn’t agree more.

Sadly, like most people, I took my good health for granted until I no longer had it.

How did I go from feeling vibrant, happy and excited about life to chronically fatigued, suffering from inflammation and overall not feeling as good as I know I could?

How did I lose sight of my health and let my immune system become compromised?

Unfortunately, as I mention on my home page, I didn’t understand the mind-body connection and how grief and stress could physically deplete my immune system. After my husband died it took every ounce of energy I had to focus on wellness techniques for me and my children, which included grief counseling, journaling, praying and more. I had nothing left to give.

I was so exhausted following Larry’s death I relied on coffee (2-3 cups) to get me through the day. I had no appetite and barely ate. I would grab a protein bar, Greek yogurt or apple mostly because I knew I had to eat something. Thankfully I had a wonderful community that provided meals a few nights a week to help me get dinner on the table for my children.

I suffered from one sinus infection after another, strep throat and I developed a persistent cough. The multiple rounds of antibiotics further damaged my gut health.

In the fall of 2012 I got valley fever. Valley fever is contracted by breathing in a spore-like fungus found in the soil in dry-desert regions. While I’m thankful it didn’t settle in my lungs, like it does with most people, it did attack my muscles and joints leaving me with chronic inflammation.

Most recently I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. There’s no doubt the stress of grieving took a toll on my body. My cortisol and adrenals (more on that in a blog) were overtaxed and obviously had impacted my thyroid.

The good news is that I have spent over a year focusing on diet and besides my thyroid (which is more than I wish to deal with), recent bloodwork revealed all my vitamins, minerals, glucose, hormones, adrenals (yeah!) and cortisol (another yeah!) levels were excellent.

I strongly believe changing my diet has helped me tremendously. I haven’t had one infection, virus or cold in over a year since I focused on what I put into my body. Food became my medicine.

Don’t worry, the information I provide is to support you, not make you feel bad about what you currently eat or don’t eat. Food is VERY personal. I will provide information, YOU make the decisions.

I’m currently on track to get certified in holistic nutrition so I can provide you with up-to-date quality information to help you:

  • Boost your immune system
  • Improve gut health
  • Combat fatigue
  • Create healthy and simple recipes to incorporate in your daily life
  • Plus much more

You have suffered enough with your loss. If there’s anything I can do to help you and others not suffer the same fate I have been dealt, living with a chronic health condition, I will do it.

Be sure to check out my Wellness page where I discuss my own road to Wellness.

Here’s to healing!



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