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Why give something away for nothing?


I have a few reasons for wanting to have a giveaway program.

The first is to honor the memory of my late husband, Larry. He was one of the most generous persons I have known to this day. Combine that with his big heart and he would move mountains to help his friends and family.

He was my biggest champion in life (next to my parents, of course!) and he not only supported me in every step I took, he believed in me. By signing up to get the weekly newsletter you are taking a step towards healing. This giveaway program is my way of saying to you that I believe in YOU!

The second reason for wanting to have giveaways is to pay it forward.

When Larry died I was blessed to be part of a community that really cared for me and for my children. Two very caring moms from our school organized a meal plan schedule so that I received dinners each week for 3 months. Others sent me gift cards for grocery stores, Target, and movie tickets. The baseball little league in our area would not accept payment from me for that season. And one generous family gave up their reservation for two nights at a cabin approximately four hours northeast of Phoenix so I could have a place to take my children and work on rebuilding our family unit.

The generosity extended to my family left me truly humbled. Other than sending thank you cards, I felt there was no way I could repay these wonderful people, until now. I want to pass on to you some of the same gifts, plus more, that I received. One day, when you are able, you, too, will come across someone who is in pain and trying to heal. I hope this serves as a springboard for your actions when that time comes.

I pray you find some light into your life.



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